A haunted, storied past, a new gothic future.

Brand Development | Print Collateral | Illustrations

Nightjar Hotel is a Victorian-Gothic Era styled hotel experience cradled in the eclectic and storied locale of Salem, Massachusetts. With an abounding history of gloom and magic, Nightjar perfectly encapsulates the new-wave gothic experience without the gaudy contrivances customarily thrust into the popular culture. Through the creation of a visual language, we reinforce the aesthetic of New England culture while providing freshness and levity to elevate the overall vibe of Nightjar. By employing iconography important to the region, we honor the historical origins of Nightjar while breathing new and contemporary style into their identity.

The color inspiration for Nightjar was derived from the Victorian era, Chinese ornate wallpaper designs.
The richly pigmented blue embodies sophistication as well as purveys a cloak-and-dagger aesthetic.
We paired the lush blue with an eggshell-cream
to establish a lux and maturity. This uncommon palette, not generally seen in Victorian-gothic themed hotels, paired with the graphic illustrations denotes Nightjar’s authority as a hospitality brand that asserts personality and style and transcends kitsch and gimmicks.