Earth-conscious Interior Design Firm.

Art direction | Brand Development | Social media templates | print collateral

Upstairs came to us in search of a cohesive brand identity, reflective of their minimalist style and high-end tastes. As they are a luxury, eco-friendly interior design firm, we understood the importance of employing function as well as a sleek form to their identity.

Their logo mark represents their approach to design, which emphasizes the natural lines of the home and creates a  flowing harmony between these lines and the organic element within the natural world.

In addition to the neutral grey and dusty-pink palette, we chose to incorporate copper into the branding as a way to bring a tactile feel to their presence, from online to in-person.

We kept a timeless typographic system, pairing a versatile sans serif with an elegant serif. Reflecting both the modern as well as the elegant sophistication of their brand.

We came up with an eco-friendly business card design that can be used both as contact information as well as a functional card for their agents to leave notes for their clients to remember their consultations.